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100" 4:3 HD Manual Projector Screen Pull Down Matte White with Outo Lock Screen
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Note: 100-inch Diagonal, 4:3 Aspect Ratio. Screen Size: 80.0" Wx60.0" H
The 100" manual projection screen, providing 80.0" x60.0" of viewing area with 4:3 aspect ratio, offers you a perfect visual enjoyment with optimal image and color reproduction. The black masking border improves viewing experience by absorbing light overshoot and enhancing contrast. It features high quality matte white viewing surface, which diffuses projected light evenly. Pull-down lock technology allows you to easily adjust the screen height and the aspect ratio and a screen lanyard for easy pull down. The sturdy, white steel case easily installs to your wall or ceiling and also allows for suspended installation if desired. It is ideal for home theater movies, classroom training, conference room presentations, public display, etc. 

*Steel tube for frame, white plastic theater curtain
*Dual wall and ceiling installation design
*Shelf-lock system allows you to adjust the height and aspect ratio
*High contrast 1.3 gain screens optimizes picture quality
*Matte white viewing surface diffuses projected light uniformly
*Lightweight with scratch resistant steel white case
*Ideal for home theater, public display, business, classroom etc

-Operation Type: Manual Pull-Down
-Screen Fabric: Matte White 
-Diagonal: 100"
-Aspect Ratio: 4:3
-Viewing Area (W X H): 80.0" x60.0"
-Gain: 1.3
-Viewing angle: 160 degree
-Item Weight: 10.8 lbs